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Inn Cats – Nadia and Sasha celebrate a Memorial Day Birthday!

Sasha & Nadia in the window

Sasha & Nadia

Nine years ago today Bill and I raced against time to get from Boston to Salem, MA to adopt 2 kittens before they were taken home with someone else. We had dutifully mourned the passing of our beloved 19 year old Niko, a long haired Tortoiseshell, for a full year before thinking of adopting a kitten again. By the time we were ready, we were surprised to realize that cats had their litters in the spring and the shelters were empty. We called every week to see if they had any kittens to adopt and finally a litter of three arrived in the Northeast Animal Shelter. A breeder of Himalayans had given these to the shelter because a long-haired tabby intruder had ruined their chance to sell the kittens.

Sasha our inn cat

Sasha as a kitten

The three kittens showed their personalities from the start! We wanted female cats and struggled with the decision to take the two girls, but not their brother. Luckily he was claimed while we were still there processing the adoption. We took Sasha and Nadia home and thinking that they were too tiny to handle the stairs in our big Victorian house, we kept them in the bedroom suite for the first day. When we finally opened the door they literally flew down the stairs at breakneck speed to explore. We never underestimated them again! Sasha, the affectionate laid back one, went blind in the last couple years. We’re not even sure when because she never missed a beat, adapting so seamlessly to her new situation that it’s only when she gets excited that she will bump into something and reveal her disability. We worried that moving after 8 years to another, totally different, big Victorian house would be a difficult adjustment for a now totally blind cat. NOT! The owner’s quarters are way too small for Sasha. She can’t wait to get to the “big house” every day. And Nadia, always a social cat, loves to loudly greet people at the door demanding that they acknowledge her as queen of the house. She may try to jump right in your suitcases if she likes you! Two more perfect inn cats we could not have asked for. Happy Birthday Nadia & Sasha! Go to our Facebook page to see more pictures of our birthday girls.


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