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First Time at a Bed and Breakfast?

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First Time at a Bed and Breakfast?

We consider ourselves very lucky that so many of our guests are experiencing a B&B for the first time. We get to be ambassadors for the whole bed and breakfast industry! We also get to hear first hand how surprised and delighted first timers are with the experience.

This is the first of a series giving tips, advice, and overall information to help you make the most of your first time staying at a bed and breakfast or small inn. You’ll find that once you’ve stayed in a bed and breakfast you’ll never want to stay anywhere else!

“… A Bed of Roses was our first B&B experience and we loved everything about our stay. The breakfasts were fabulous and we appreciate your hospitality and attention to detail.”


Mooresville, NC

What can you expect at a B&B?

A bed and breakfast is NOT a hotel, and that’s a GOOD thing! When you come to a small inn all the rooms are unique with different amenities and different rates. If you call an innkeeper and ask “What are your rates” you are often in for a long explanation and a list of numbers that seem to be all over the place! The inn’s website will almost always have photos of the different rooms and list their rates, so even if you prefer to talk to an innkeeper in person, going to the website first can give you a good starting point. You will know which rooms appeal to you, which ones are more expensive than you want or have that special tub or sitting room you need or would just love to have. Then the innkeeper can answer any questions and give you a “feel” for the place.

The common areas and rooms are often furnished with antiques, fine linens and bedding and are decorated beautifully. Unlike a hotel, where furniture and even art is the same in every room in every city, every room will have different décor and many of the things around you are not easily replaceable. You are a guest in someone’s home.

Yes, most innkeepers live somewhere on the premises and the inn is their home. Having the owner/innkeeper on the premises is one of the things that makes staying at a bed and breakfast special. How many times has the owner of a big hotel greeted you at the door by name? The innkeeper will pay attention to the little details that will make your stay special. Even though the owners live in the inn and take personal pride in the home, it is an industry standard for innkeepers to have separate living quarters from their guests and there is never any reason to feel you are intruding upon their private space. Most innkeepers choose to mingle with their guests in the common areas, but when they want privacy they have their private quarters, just as you do as guests. We value our guests’ privacy. All rooms in our B&B have private baths and private doors with locks.

What about breakfast? A B&B is also NOT a restaurant and we think that’s a good thing too! Stay tuned for our “Breakfast Edition” on what to expect at your B&B when morning comes around.

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