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Clean the World Soap Recycling Program Helping with Hurricane Harvey Relief

Clean the World logoWe would like to give a shout out to an organization that we partner with, Clean the World.  As a small business in a very “green” town, we think about how we impact the environment. One way we try to help is by asking our guests to choose whether they need their towels laundered every day or not.  We also have partnered with Clean the World Foundation, an organization that takes our partially used soaps and recycles them for hygiene programs around the world.  Whenever you go to a hotel or a B&B, you’re going to expect your room to be supplied with amenities.  Soaps, shampoo, lotions or bath beads are usually provided and may even have the Inn’s name on them. But what happens to all those products after you’ve used them once? Understandably most guests don’t chose to try to wrap them up and take them home. Clean the World has come up the ideal solution. They are a not-for-profit corporation founded in 2009 that works to reduce waste caused by discarded soap while preventing deaths from hygiene-related illnesses world-wide. Hospitality partners pay to send their discarded soaps to them and they sort and sanitize the soaps, then recycle these products to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries suffering from high mortality rates due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. In the wake of the devastating flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey, Clean the World is mobilizing to provide hygeine kits to those displaced by the storm. They are asking for volunteers in the Orlando area to assemble the kits and are working closely with organizations in the areas worst hit to assess needed supplies. Please watch this video message from Sam Stephens of Clean the World and we hope you can support them in their efforts.

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